Inkas Travel is a U.S. based, licensed and insured travel company committed to providing premium specialized private luxury tours which are designed to offer unique travel experiences based on various interests such as culture, nature, archaeology, spirituality and adventure themed tours to all regions of Peru. We seek to understand our customer's needs and interests in order to offer customized tours created just for them. We are proud members of the A.S.T.A (American Society of Travel Agents). Inkas Travel is part of Florida’s West Coast Better Business Bureau and their Online Reliability Program (0 Customer Complaints) in addition to being listed with the National Geographic Travel Directory.

We work only with local certified and experienced tour conductors and guides. While traveling in Peru you may call us 24/7 giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a member of our team will be available to ensure support and solve any situations that may occur during your trip.

Our highly dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced team takes great pride in providing unequalled personalized and professional service. All have traveled or lived and worked in Peru and share a common passion and love for the natural and cultural beauty of Peru, its history and its people.


Inkas Travel is dedicated to providing high quality customized private luxury tours to all regions of Peru which we design to meet your needs and interests. Our experienced and knowledgeable team prides itself on superb personalized and professional service. We strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services always evaluating the ways in which we may improve. Inkas Travel has a long-standing social commitment supporting various social projects in Peru that range from assisting children and mothers in need to providing job skills and education for young students. Our hope is to enable each traveler the opportunity to experience the unique and cultural diversity of Peru along with the warm and welcoming Peruvian hospitality.